I have been getting a lot of email inquiries about this so I thought I should make an announcement.

The Canon T2i Crash Course Instructional Training DVD is in final testing and we expect to get the green light this week (if everything goes smoothly, it will be Thursday or Friday). I’m pretty sure that this is the first training video on the Canon T2i on the market as well as the best value. With bonus footage it is about 3 hours and 45 minutes long. While most of my Crash Course videos assume that you know nothing about photography, there is a ton of information that intermediate and advanced users will want to know. There is even a special section which covers the new video features. If you are willing to invest $8-900 on a great camera, it only makes sense to get some great training a fraction of the price.

Ill be posting the link here as well as on facebook, twitter, and a newsletter once pre-orders are available.