I got my Canon T2i this afternoon and immediately started shooting for the DVD. Again, the only 2 differences I am seeing were the new Microphone Port (pictured above), and the Manual Video Shooting mode, which has to be accessed in the Menu. Sure, there are some new ergonomically friendly buttons, but this is essentially a T1i upgraded to shoot better video. You will also note the mini-HDMI output as well (get the cables on ebay and save yourself $60!) 🙂

Pete, I know you were interested in the video- so far, it looks the same as the 7D video to me.

Having carefully reviewed the T2i today, I think the XSi is very comparable for stills, sure there are 18 MP with the T2i, but if I was on a budget and was only interested in Photography, the XSi is STILL a very VERY good camera, and I think you can get them now for about $500. The T1i is better for stills and adds the video feature, but if I knew for sure I didnt want the video- Id say get the XSi and save yourself some money. If you ARE interested in video, the T2i is worth the extra expense over the T1i for the manual video controls alone. I guess what I am saying is that the T1i bridges the two, but isn’t preferable to either in those categories. I can only speculate if the T1i will be phased out for this very reason.

On a side note, I have also tested the new manual audio controls on the 5Dii firmware update. I am extremely impressed- the audio quality seems greatly improved, and no more weird audio gain jumps that caused post processing nightmares. This is allowing me to feed my audio directly into the camera and is saving me a few steps and files in post processing. I would really like to see this same firmware update on the 7D (no manual audio controls on the T2i).

Many of you have been asking about the Canon T2i Crash Course DVD, it will probably be at least a month before we are shipping, probably longer. If you need a DVD right away, I would say the T1i Crash Course will cover 95% of the same exact material, and it is available now from the store.

If any of you have any questions about the T2i, please ask and I will do my best to answer them here.