Im happy to say that we have the Canon Rebel T6i (750D) in our hands and expect the Canon Rebel T6s shortly. We have already begun production on our Crash Course Tutorial Training Video for them and it should be available for download in the next 2-3 weeks.

The Canon T6s, also known as the Canon 760D, is essentially the same camera with a few very minor differences, mainly being in a dedicated scroll wheel on the back, the ability to focus in continuous burst in live view and a handful of very small differences, I see these in terms of core functionality as basically the same cameras, and therefore we are releasing a single training course for both them.

In addition to the tutorial videos we are now producing, I anticipate that Ill have some free educational youtube videos on their performance, Im most particularly interested in how well the sensor has been improved, as the former 18MP sensor had been around for some time. Now at 24.2 MP, conspicuously similar to other Nikon sensor sizes, one has to ask if the dynamic range and ISO performance has been addressed and Ill be taking a peek under the hood later tonight with a series of few tests.

The Canon Rebel T6i / T6s Crash Course Training Tutorial download is now available – CLICK HERE

UPDATE: The Canon Rebel T6i / T6s Crash Course Training Tutorial download plus DVD is now available – CLICK HEREIll have more information coming very soon on these 2 cameras.

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