Are you guys tired of hearing about all the great new Crash Course Videos we have coming out? Me neither! 🙂 Ive been testing and shooting with the Canon T4i since I got my hands on one of the very first available last Monday. As I mentioned in my mini-review, the Canon T4i for the most part is very, very similar to the T3i with the exceptions being the touch screen monitor and the new focusing systems. We have even already shot a quick over view of what the T4i’s monitor can do, why it is such a big deal and what you can expect if you were to purchase it.

If you own a Canon T4i and are interested in purchasing this video, we expect that the downloads should be available sometime next week, probably around Friday, with the DVDs shipping about 1 month after that. Why fumble around with a users manual when you can sit back, relax and learn your camera in just a few hours, with a quick, easy to learn training tutorial video? You will be glad you did!

I was asked this morning what sets my videos apart from other training videos, and the answer is simple: I am both an instructor, as well as a photographer. I taught at the University level for many, many years winning several awards for my teaching technique. I was eventually promoted to teaching full size lectures for freshman Biology classes. I was one of the only non-professors to do this during my time there. I have also been shooting on a professional level for nearly 9 years.

I know there are many other training videos out there. I have seen some that are taught by excellent photographers, who lack teaching skills and are not capable to convey their messages effectively. I have also seen very good teachers who are not skilled photographers. Because I have refined my teaching techniques and know what works, as well as knowing the art and technical aspects, it puts me in a unique position to connect with beginning photographers and get them on the fast track to using their gear. This is what makes Michael The Maven videos effective.

I also want to say thank you to everyone out there who has been supporting me through the years- none of this would be possible without you!