Great News- My Canon Rebel SL1 Training Tutorial Video is now available on DVD, as well as a download:
Click Here for Michael’s Canon Rebel SL1 Training Tutorial DVD & Download Combo

As a side note, the Sky Cam Maven Adapters are sold out, but we should have a small run of them available in about 3-4 weeks. I’m in the process of getting some industrial strength (3-4 times stronger) factory produced adpaters made which will have a few more features added, but it is difficult to say when they will be ready.

Anyone who buys an adapter while we are sold out are put to the front of the line when the new adapters arrive, it essentially guarantees you will get one with the next batch.

I have some limited internet access in Idaho, but should have my laptop back and posting regularly on Wednesday. I have done a few shoots since it went down and want to get those pictures up.