We have had about 8-10 Canon R5 users who have copies of the R5 that are unable to get a tack sharp image with any lens on the body, including RF’s and Primes.

I know that in at least 2 cases, Canon support has fixed / repaired the issue and has diagnosed it as a “misaligned sensor mount”, and in the other cases, much to the dismay of the users, Canon is saying there is nothing wrong with the cameras. I also know it was the service center in Costa Mesa, Ca that has repaired one of them correctly (and it is now working fine).

I have known one of the photographers this is affecting for about 10 years. He upgraded from a 5Dii. Imagine saving your money, buying your dream camera (the R5), ousting it under the Christmas Tree and then finding it doesnt work, sending it in to Canon who is now saying its fine. I have seen his images, it is not fine.

Canon needs to communicate better with its own repair and service centers to make sure the issue is known, and we can help these users get their cameras working correctly.

Also, make sure you check your R5s as soon as you get them!

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