Today Canon released a new firmware update that fixes the achilles heel of the Canon Mirrorless M, it’s auto focusing speed in the One Shot Mode. When I originally reviewed it, I thought it was an outstanding little camera, with the one exception of the focusing issue. Take a look at how fast the new firmware focuses:

Im not sure it will give the Canon M the boost it needs to get into the mirrorless market, but now with the firmware update, and the fact that I am printing my own lens housings on my 3d Printer for the M, (Ill post on this soon). Im not so likely to get rid of it as I thought I was.

If you have a Canon M, you can download the firmware update here: Canon M Firmware update 2.0.2

If you want an awesome training video that will show you how to use it, I have one as well:

Canon M Tutorial Training Video Course