There have been tons of speculation about the rumored 8K specs mentioned on the upcoming EOS R5. I initially thought this could only be a time-lapse feature or other gimmicky kind of thing. It turns out Canon executives have already specifically said 8K video is coming to the EOS R line up, and they said so in 2019! In todays video I break down and analyze what many of their quotes likely mean, and why the first 2 R mount cameras wont hold a candle to whats coming. Also some great analysis from Andrew Reid from EOSHD about the pixel read in different frame rates and formats. Taking all these things into consideration, true 8K video appears to be coming soon to an EOS R camera. It might be the R5, it might be something else, but it appears canon definitely has it in its plans.

A special thanks to, and for pulling all o this information together. The interview on imaging resource is really incredible. Read it if you have the time!

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