Canon, please fix these things! For the record, I paid for the EOS R with my own money. It was not provided to me by Canon, nor do I attend press launch events. These are my own thoughts and comments, and when I find issues with cameras, I speak freely about it. (Note: and yes I know there are ways to customize ISO and Exposure Compensation such as the control ring, but….lets say you bump it? Then what. Now we get to lock that control? Great!)

After the lack of continuous tracking with a high speed burst, there was one thing in particular that drove me crazy about the EOS R – its usability.

Usability is the number of steps, button presses and options to change certain settings. Dont get me wrong, there are many things I really like about the EOS R system. The 24-105 f4 R lens was outstanding, but I felt so frustrated from a speed stand point when shooting with it.

I do not think the R is junk camera, I just think its overpriced for the body. It feels like Canon is dipping their big toe in to test the waters, and it’s obvious great things are coming from Canon in FF mirrorless.

If you are really interested in getting an EOS R, watch this carefully to understand what you are in for in terms of basic operations like changing your focussing squares or going back and forth from your modes. I believe a price drop will eventually come a few months after Christmas, probably around the same time the higher end model is announced.

Contrast this with the Nikon Z7 and you you can see Nikon is way ahead of the game in terms of Usability, if both companies plan on sticking with the same basic camera bodies.