I kinda saw the writing on the wall on this one about 2 weeks ago, but I didnt think it would come so quick. Canon Rumors is reporting that one of the all time great DSLRs of all time will be discontinued. (Click Here – Canon 5Dii Discontinued) This explains the recent price drop, but the good news is, if you are still interested in getting one, there are plenty around, at least for now.

It also means that will have to make a decision soon, about my underwater rig as it is all based on the Canon 5DII . My current 5Dii has over 400,000 shots, it would be much cheaper to buy a new body than a new housing, but the ISO improvement is so dang good on the 6D, that Im feeling like I want to upgrade. Ill decide when the dust settles after Christmas break, sooooo many things going on right now, Im barely treading water. (6D Production, Nikon D600 DVD, Contest updates, Tigershark Troubleshooting, App Production, training new assistants. Im thinking I should be caught up some time in Feb 2013).