C700 users beware of CLOG2 with any higher ISOs!

Ive personally seen high dynamic range banding issues now on 3 separate Canon cameras, the 5D4, the EOS R (see my videos in the links below) and now the C700. I have also seen posts of it happening in the C300ii. It seems to stem from very bright images in the left side of the frame.

Ive also been in communication with many customers who have attempted to return their cameras for repair, and the answer many are getting from Canon are now:

“This exceeds the performance abilities of the sensor.”

Ive never heard of such a thing and this kind of banding does not exist on other camera sensors.

Im a big fan of Canon, but what I am not a big fan of is my friends spending ton of money on Canon gear and not being able to use them in a way they would other camera systems.

I am willing to bet the problem likely exists on other Canon cameras as well, though I haven’t tested them yet. Likely to happen soon.

Have you had a banding problem with your Canon? If so which model?