Canon has announced the C200 Cinema Camera, and boy is it a beast! For $9,000 (granted this is a little more expensive than its competitors) you can get access to internally recorded Canon RAW video files that they are calling RAW Light. 15 Stops of dynamic range combined with Canons signature reds (I believe the very best of all manufacturers), and this should be a home-run winner. I am also curious as to what it will do to the price of the AMAZING C300ii, which I shot the film Sacred Vow on. (It was a great camera, and I still debate purchasing one at least 2-3 times a month, but don’t simply because I am not shooting films right now). 10 stops of internal ND filters, super light (~3 pounds) Canon EF mounts. YASSSSSSS 🙂 Cant wait to get my hands on one!

Definitely take a read of the specs over at Cinema 5D: Canon Announces the C200 Cinema Camera