If you want easier color grading and a better post-production workflow for your 5D IV video footage, you can now have it. Instead of being a free upgrade as many were hoping, installing C-Log to your camera will cost a trip to an authorized service center and $99.

For the money you’ll get maximum dynamic range with minimal loss of detail in your shadows and highlights. Are you after that cinematic look? Canon says it’ll be easier than ever. This also makes syncing your post-production style/look with other cameras achievable.

They enthusiastically list all of the added benefits you’ll receive for the (admittedly) modest price of $99. But since you’re already shelling out $3,499 for the camera it could leave a bad taste in the mouths of some. And if you haven’t yet purchased your 5D IV you’ll have the option of buying C-Log preinstalled for $3,599. The upgrade will be available in July.

In the video below Canon Technical Advisor, Rudy Winston goes over the details:To learn more and get all the nitty-gritty details from Canon CLICK HERE