Here are my preliminary tests for Dynamic Range for the Canon 90D and M6ii (basically the same sensor performance wise) as they compare with other cameras. You are looking for a couple things:

1. The point where you can no longer see a distinct line between two of the numbers.
2. Artifacts that hide these borders as it gets darker.
3. Important to keep in mind 90D and M6ii are 32.5 MP.

Note- This is not an ISO noise test, which is something else. Most shots were taken at ISO 100, the XT3 was at 160. Color differences can usually be explained by WB settings.Makes me realize how bad that 70D sensor was! Notice how much “cleaner” the 5D4 is, but all has streaking in the higher numbers.XT3 was tested at ISO 160. I believe Sony’s 24 MP sensor is getting old now. It still has posterization issues, 90D does not. (Looking for black bricks between numbers) Sorry about the lint!

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