UDATE: Canon 80D Crash Course Training Video AVAILABLE NOW! CLICK HERE!

I’ve been shooting with the Canon 80D this week and learning everything about the camera for you guys. The full Crash Course Training Tutorial is underway and expected to be released mdi-April. In the meantime here is a training tutorial on the 80D’s external buttons.

Here’s what we cover:

– Shutter button (2 phase, halfway depression to gain focus, full depression to take photo)
– Primary Selector (main selection dial)
– Secondary Selector, Directional Pad, Set button
– Mode Dial
– Auto Focus Area
– Depth of Field Preview
– Lens Release
– Force Flash Button
– Microphone Input, Headphone Input, Wired Remote, Audio/Video, Mini HDMI Port
– SD Memory Card Slot
– Battery Compartment
– Power Switch
– Menu & Info Buttons
– Info Button
– Delete Button
– Playback Button
– Unlock Switch
– Q Button
– Live View / Video Record Button
– Diopter Adjuster
– Auto Focus On Button (also the primary focus when in Live View)
– Exposure Lock / Flash Exposure Lock
– Auto Focus Point Selector
– Zoom In / Out
– LCD Display and nearby buttons; LCD Light, Auto Focus Type, Shooting Drive, ISO, Metering Mode

Each button and setting will be covered individually on the Crash Course Training Tutorial so you’ll know what they are and what they do!