Another free lesson from the Canon 7D DVD- This is one of the more advanced lessons.

All of my DVDs say “Made for Beginners” and thus, I am often asked if my DVDs will help Advanced users. The answer is “Absolutely!!”. The reason I have “Made for Beginners” on my DVDs is because they are beginner friendly- this should not be interpreted as “For Beginners Only” because my goal is to take someone who knows nothing about cameras and turn them into a highly knowledgeable, advanced photographer with just a few hours of lessons (its not easy). Most EXTREMELY experienced photographers who have seen my videos LOVE them. One said “There was a lot of information on here I didn’t know about, and not just the new features either. Having the menu laid out the way it is saves a lot of trouble. Even the things I did know were good to review.”

To give you a taste of an advanced lesson, check out this one on the 7D Wireless Flash Transmitter System. It assumes you own and know your speedlite, BUT, it takes what could possibly turn into weeks of trying to figure out how the menu works and turns it into about 5 minutes. Well worth the investment of about $45 considering there is nearly 4 hours of these lessons. Enjoy!

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