Its amazing how much time it takes to make these videos, that said, I believe I am getting much better at it and see many ways I can still improve. I hope it answers your questions about the Nikon D7100 and how it stacks up against the new Canon 70D :

Both are truly excellent cameras and for the most part I was pleasantly surprised by both of their capabilities. One thing that I failed to mention on the video was how much FUN the 70D is to shoot. It is seriously just a fun, fun camera, great shooting experience.

Many of you are asking about the Canon 70D training tutorial video and when it will be available, we are looking at about 2 weeks now, but Ill be making updates on my blog and let you guys know specifics once we get through post production.:

UPDATE: My Canon 70D Tutorial Training Course is now available: Canon 70D Crash Course Tutorial Training Video Download

If you have the D7100 and want an excellent crash course on it, it is already available here: Nikon D7100 Crash Course Training Tutorial DVD

Note- I have purchased a copyright permission from for the intro song, but there is always a registration process with and I have submitted everything to them. In the past, it hasn’t been an issue, but you never know. If there is a problem and the video gets pulled Ill re-do the intro and re-post it.

As always a very big thank you to for their support!