As I mentioned in the previous post, I am hard at work on the Canon 6D Crash Course. I suspect it will pretty much eat up my whole month of December. Been getting many emails and questions about the high ISO noise. Wanted to get this quick shot up before I crashed. I am running some High ISO tests of the 6D against the Nikon D600 . From what I can tell the 6D is cleaner, but my white balance setting was off on the D600 (I find myself changing on it often) and I would like to re-shoot the test tomorrow just to be fair.

The Canon 6D is pretty shockingly clean at high ISOs, but I am also noticing what I would describe as “softness” that comes with it. Not quite as sharp as ISO 400 for example, but the image is still very usable, even maxed out.

This is the largest size image I can display on my blog. It is SOOC, and I apologize for overexposing it, but I didnt want to correct it before posting. (also not really fair when looking at pure image quality).

Canon 6D , 1/2500, f6.3 ISO 256000