First let me say thank you to everyone for your patience in waiting, this is all I have been doing for the last 6 weeks. We ran into some problems in getting the download & chapters working correctly, but I think we have it all worked out now.

The Canon 6D Crash Course assumes you know nothing about your camera and aims to get you up to shooting on a very advanced level in just 1-2 viewings. I have to limit the content down to about 3 hours and 45 minutes, so every little thing I put on there has a very specific reason. If you really study and apply the lessons, you will save yourself at least 2-3 years of learning on your own. I always try to make my video products worth much more than I charge and I am very confident new Canon 6D owners will discover that on this video. Not only will learn literally everything about your camera, you will learn to take awesome images in very little time.

The DVDs should be available in about a month, they take much more time to prepare, but if you have the download and want the DVD you can upgrade for the cost of shipping and handling ($8.95 in the USA) once the DVDs are ready. We expect to see a few wrinkles here and there, but will update the files once we feel we have everything identified.

Again, thank you to everyone for your support and patience!

CLICK HERE: Canon 6D Crash Course Training Tutorial Manual Video