Happy to Announce that the Canon 6D Crash Course Training Video is also now available on DVD. Again one of the benefits of the physical DVD is that you have access to a very robust menu system for easy navigation, and you also have it archived on a hard copy instead of needing to download. Something that I like doing with the DVD is to include the download if you want to get started while you wait for it to arrive.

My experience has been that 99% of all my customers are pleasantly surprised and happy with the content. My Crash Course series work because I assume you know nothing about photography or cameras and teach it to you in a quick easy to understand manner. I really, really put my heart and soul into these things so you never have to read a complex manual. Enjoy!

Canon 6D Crash Course Training Download

Canon 6D Crash Course Training Tutorial DVD & Download

I also have an absolutely EPIC Head to Head Shootout coming between the Nikon D600 vs Canon 6D . It is over 35 minutes right now and will show some very interesting things about both cameras. I realize there are a ton of comparisons out there between the two, but the truth is, they are very, very different cameras and each thrives in certain conditions, as well as struggles in others. Hope to have it released soon.