As you probably guessed, production is well underway for the Canon 6D Crash Course Training Tutorial VIdeo.

I was just amazed at all the different feedback I got on the test last night. Many of you were appreciate, many of you were down right angry and hateful (there are some forum posts made by several very smart people who clearly missed the whole idea of the test, some wrote pages of info). The test is what it is, Ive appreciated the positive criticism, because the hardest part is getting all 4 of those cameras together, redoing the test wouldn’t take long at all. I thought the take home message was pretty clear, but apparently not so for some.

Ill be working hard on getting the 6D’s video manual ready for download, wishful thinking has me aiming for the end of the month, I guess we will see.

BTW- For the many of you who assumed that the 6D’s focusing is off because the beep function was used, that makes absolutely no sense at all. The focus is fine.

Thanks to all of you who support and encourage me.

For you haters, keep it up. There is no greater form of flattery in my mind!