Today was a very emotional day of filming for everyone (the Forester Family, friends, and the crew). It should be a really, really great program and I will definitely let you guys know when it will air. One of the producers pulled me aside and said that there would be additional content available on the internet.

I am very jet lagged and ready to crash, but wanted to give you guys 2 updates:

1. The Canon 60D Crash Course Training DVD is now in stock and shipping.

2. We are working on a “video download” store that should be ready in the next few weeks. While this is risky in many ways, I believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. We are going to start off with just a few titles to see how it goes and if it is a smooth process and working well- most of the DVD’s will be available as downloads. I know this is particularly beneficial for our overseas friends and it will also save them money on shipping and import taxes if any. It also allows me to update and add content, as well as get the product out faster than waiting for the DVDs to be made (we will still be offering DVDs for those who prefer them). I definitely need the support of everyone to help keep an eye on my pirated videos. We have a system now that if we see them, and as the host company to take them down, they generally do within 24 hours.

I have a lot of pokers in the fire, but I remain committed to providing the best training content and products in the best way for my customers. 🙂