Been working non-stop on the Canon 60D Crash Course DVD since finishing the Business Crash Course DVD a few weeks ago. Wrapped shooting up on it yesterday, and working on post-production/testing type stuff this week. I gotten many emails inquiring about order and ship dates, and it hard to predict when I will know for sure, but we should see them available for pre-order sometime next week, shipping near the end of the month. (If you are buying a 60D for someone for Christmas, you are very nice and this will make a great follow up gift). As always, it is a great Crash Course introduction to photography and video in general, as well as the Canon 60D specifically.

I will not be working on any major video projects for the rest of the year, though I do have several smaller Youtube type lessons coming. I badly need to take a few weeks off and catch my breath a little.

I am about 2-3 weeks away from releasing my new iPhone App (it will also be iPad Native). While it was designed with Photographers in mind, it is an incredibly powerful tool for all small business owners, I would dare say more so than Photographers Contract Maker iPhone App. I believe one of it’s many features will revolutionize a way of doing business, subtle but very powerful. I predict that it will save most business owners several hours of their time per week.

Both Contract Maker Apps will have major updates shortly after this new Apps release. Expect some very nice features to be added here as well. I have another 2-3 secret projects that I wont talk about until they are ready- just know I am working my tail off to make your life easier or better in some way.

Mid- Jan 2011, I will pick up production again on the “Lighting Crash Course DVD”, aiming for a Spring Release. I am hoping to make it the best Lighting Crash Course Available on the market.

I certainly miss shooting for fun like I do when I am not on a production schedule, and I know I have just a few more days before I can take a break for a few weeks. Looking forward to it!