The Canon 5D iii Crash Course Training Tutorial DVD video is nearing completion, we should have all principal shooting wrapped up as of this evening, last lessons edited tomorrow and it should be available for download either Saturday or Monday, barring any major disasters in post production.

The camera videos require a ridiculous amount of testing, research, shooting, editing, etc. I’ve pretty much been working non-stop since I first got it in my hands a couple weeks ago. I will say this, the focusing systems continue to impress me, there are literally “several layers of functionality” in them, and the Canon 5D iii Crash Course will show all users, beginners through experts how to get the most out of their cameras. I’ve also already received Canon’s new flash system, the 600 Ex-RT, and it is sitting in a corner of my place waiting to be opened (I wont even look at it until we are done with the 5Diii). While it is a more expensive flash system, I hear the improvements are worth it, and the triggering range is greatly improved. Whether or not I do a full on Crash Course on the 600 EX, you can expect on several shorter videos for sure. I would imagine we would start shooting these sometime next week. The ST-E3 transmitter is supposed to ship sometime in late April but I haven’t heard anything from any of my camera suppliers as to when this will be. Cant wait to get my hands on one!