After posting my Review of the Canon 5Dii vs Canon 6D I have been absolutely flooded with questions of how the Canon 6D compares with both the Canon 5Diii and the Nikon D600 .

I thought the Canon 6D vs Canon 5Dii was pretty straightforward and easy to see, which is why I did that review first. Against the 5Diii and the Nikon D600, the answer isn’t as crystal clear, but I am learning several interesting little things about each camera and what their strengths & weaknesses are.

It is also pretty important to note that the “best” camera in any photographer’s mind really depends on what they consider to be the most important criteria. There are going to be some situations that yes, I would grab the 6D before the other 2, and in another situation I would want the Nikon D600, and in yet another I would want the 5Diii.

Having owned the 5Diii & D600 for several months, I have a good feel for their capabilities, but to make everything fair, Im adding the 6D to the line up and shooting with them around the island at the same time, under the same circumstances for video, stills, jpgs, raws, etc. I have even gone through great lengths to make sure the are shooting with the same types of lenses in each of the tests.

Its important for me to note, that in my opinion, there is nothing about any of these 3 cameras that disqualify it from being a useful camera in the hands of a skilled photographer. The 6D came close with it’s limited focusing systems, but that center square totally redeemed itself in low light, that it clearly has some advantages.

If there is something specifically you are curious in a head to head competition between the 5Diii, the 6D and the Nikon D600, let me know what interests you and if it is a quick and easy thing to test, I will include it on my reviews!