Last week I was asked to do a stand in Answer and Question period at the Maui Photographer’s Smug Mug social. Take what I am about to tell you with a huge grain of salt…this is not confirmed and I am still highly skeptical. While I love Canon and support them fanatically, I am not officially affiliated with them. Until today, I decided not to even share it because it was such hearsay.

One of the photographers at this meeting pulled me aside to tell me he had a source who, while drunk, (isnt that always the case?) confessed to having “field tested a prototype 5Diii”. I asked for this photographers name several times, but all I could get out of him was that we was famous, lived somewhere in Europe and would be in trouble if his identity was revealed.

He was excited to tell me, almost in the way a school child would share a secret no one else is supposed to know, that among other things, such as a new DIGIC 5 Processor, improved ISO, the 7D’s focusing system (which would be a huge improvement) that the new 5Diii would have many features geared more specifically towards shooting video, including in the RAW format. Yes, RAW video.

When I first heard this, I challenged him on it, specifically in regards to the technical problems of recording a RAW video format, from a full frame sensor, onto a CF card. (Perhaps in 1 minute clips maybe?) The processor(s), buffer, CF card write speed (and size) would all have to be quite different than what Canon has now, to pull this off in a practical way, not to mention the issues with heat. That said- it isn’t outside the realm of possibility. If RED can do it, either to a CF card, or external HD- why can’t Canon?

I have attended a Canon Sponsored Video workshop and I do know that the 5Dii’s video features were an almost after thought put in last minute to challenge the Nikon D90’s video capabilities. It absolutely makes sense that the replacement for the 5Dii would be more video “prepared” so to speak, and we are all hoping for another “game changer”. But RAW video? That kind of an upgrade would be like going from a bike to a Ferrari- not that I would complain.

I have less of a hard time believing that Canon is working on RAW video than I do that it would be in the 5Diii, but after asking over and over, he insisted this was the case.

The reason I am sharing it now is because I have done a little research with some friends and I am seeing that I am not the only one who has heard this. A rumor from one semi-credible source is unlikely. The same rumor from 2-3 semi-credible sources is a different matter.

Take it or leave it…Can anyone confirm or deny?