What a busy, busy, busy day. Woke up at 5:20am, and have worked straight till 10:30pm only taking time to eat. Had a very, very successful day, 4 hours of shooting in the morning (several 5Diii videos and tests, Ill be posting my quick review on the 5Diii later tonight before I crash) the rest of the day editing.

Im working like crazy this week to get as much of the Canon 5Diii Crash Course Tutorial video done, because I have other projects I need to start some time next week. Im not sure I will get it done by then, but it sure will be fun to try…!

After shooting our lessons, Adam and I went down to the beach and grabbed this shot for the cover. I take a lot of pride in getting the covers mostly right in camera.We will have the downloads for sale immediately once its all wrapped up (I would estimate this to be 2-3 weeks) and another month after that for the DVD. I realize that most of the 5Diii users will be professionals, but I was bombarded for the last 3.5 years by pros and beginners a like for a DVD on the 5Diii. There are also many videographers who want to know how to use it better as a still camera, so I feel this is a good investment of time and energy to try to make happen.

I am LOVING the 5Diii, still learning tons about it, but my review video will cover the most important things. Lots of great info and images coming very soon.