The Canon 5D IV is available and ready for immediate download. CLICK HERE For the Canon 5D4 Crash Course Training Tutorial!!

I have been receiving an unusual number of requests for both a series of tests as well as a training tutorial Crash Course on the Canon 5D IV. I am happy to announce that the course itself has started production and we estimate it will take another 3-4 weeks before it is ready for download, with DVDs to come a few weeks after.

I really try to reserve any suggestions or recommendations (or condemnations) of camera gear until I have actually had a chance to use it, and I have always told my students to steer clear on any teacher or expert who doesn’t have hands on experience with the equipment. I think it is fine to have an opinion, but to actually tell someone to go buy something they have no idea about is just crazy to me.

There are a lot of interesting & wonderful as well as concerning things about the 5D4 and I will publish these findings soon. The main thing is to remember that it is a tool and if you know it’s strengths and weaknesses, you will better know how to make it shine.

Here is the cover for the course I have decided on: