(This image was taken from DPReview, its one of the only good ones I could find.)Yesterday Canon announced the 5D Mark II. Its about time!! Awesome upgrade specs include:

21 MP Full Frame Sensor
3.9 FPS (Up from 3.0)
ISO 25,600!!
And get this:

It records High Definition Video!! 1920 x 1080 (thats 1080 P for those of you who are interested).
Price? A cool $2600.

The ability to record HD video has me HIGHLY intrigued. Think about it, I already have all these amazing lenses, and instead of trying to get adapters to hook them up to my bulky tape fed Canon XL1s’s, I just use the camera already in my hands and record to solid state CF cards.

Unless you are in the industry, it is difficult to understand what an amazing blow this is to competitors, both for photography, as well as video. I was saving up for the New Panasonic DVX-170 to be released this winter, not so sure anymore…Id rather have a 5DII and save a TON of cash. Cant wait to get my hands on one!

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