Spent most of my day working on this. I’m really trying to make small improvements in my videos, such as audio quality, as well as HD videos for Youtube. I really believe that in a few years, everything will be streaming and/or downloads, as well as pretty much all HD.

This is an introduction video to the Canon 5Diii. It will take you on a very detailed overview of every single button and port on the camera body. Ive found that most Canon shooters are interested in these videos whether or not they intend to own it, simply because it shows them what the new camera body is all about and what major new features there are. Most of you will notice the 7Ds live view switch as well as the MFn button (they work very similarly too). This is just one video from my Canon 5Diii Crash Course which is scheduled to be ready for download sometime next week.


I should be posting some new 5Diii images tomorrow!