Spent most of the day working on the 580 DVD, checking links in the menus, volumes, little things most people wouldnt notice. Tomorrow I have to finish the box and disk cover. Typically I like to send the DVD off to perhaps 2 dozen or so people and get lots of feedback- at this point in the game however, I am extremely confident in it and have decided to send it off to my disk manufacturer tomorrow afternoon. Im expecting the product to ship around July 15th, maybe sooner, but as soon as we get the green light, look for sneak preview videos to start popping up and we will have a limited pre-order special for those interested. (Ill also be sending out a newsletter to announce it). You can never realize how much work goes into a quality DVD until you actually sit down and make one. It gets a little easier each time, but by the end of each project, I feel about the same, like my brain is turning into jello. Its like 10,000 decisions that have to be made every day of the process.

Besides myself and Adam, there are only 6 people who have seen all of it (Tampa Workshop Attendees the 1st rough draft which has changed since and my Dad who has seen the latest version), so only they can say how good it is.

From my own personal perspective, I think this could be my best DVD yet in terms of teaching a (very) difficult subject. I would say about half Speedlite owners are intimidated by them and how to properly use it, so if I can take a beginner and help them be proficient with their speedlite in just a few hours, I have done my job. Deep down I always have doubts about each DVD and I think this is a good thing, it just motivates me to work harder.

I imagine you guys might be getting tired about hearing about this, but the end is near and you will soon have a copy in your hands if you so choose. 🙂