I wanted to throw a shot out there to one of the best tasting and healthy chilli’s I have ever encountered. There are a lot of canned chilli’s that taste great and are really unhealthy, like 20 grams of fat per can. Other chilli’s can be rather healthy, and taste awful. The taste of this blue labeled “Grilled Steak” chilli with beans rates an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10 in my book…. now look at the nutritional info:

2g Saturated Fat per Can
36 g Protein! (WOW- thats like a can of tuna!)
14g Dietary Fiber
18g Sugars

True there is a lot of sodium in these guys, ~1700 mg, but dang…..is this stuff good. They make a turkey variety too. It is getting harder and harder to find.

If someone eats correctly, they will look great. The best thing a person can do for their health is to educate themselves on what they are eating consistently. I think this is more important than consistent exercise, but both are required and both take discipline. Didnt mean to ramble on nutrition, but ya…it matters.

Anyway, check this out: I was watching an NFL game this last Sunday and saw this ad for this new Black Label Soup Campbells is making and decided I would check out the nutritional information the next time I saw it to see if it was really “Fully Loaded”.

I found a can of Beef Stew at the store, and it looked a lot like another one of my Campbells Favorites, “Beef” Soup. I only had my camera phone, so you will have to excuse the picture quality. So I decided to check the nutritional information, and….Uh…yep….its basically the same stuff. In fact, it seems the regular soup may even be a little more healthy for you and you get the same amount of protein. So….I am wondering…what’s it “Fully Loaded” with? A bunch of marketing crap? It costs almost a dollar more! ~$2.42 vs $1.50 Hmmm….Campbells…..you are getting sneaky!