I really love my job. Tonight I had the awesome opportunity to shoot Cameron and Ky, all their family and friends. So many nice people. I feel really lucky to be part of a couple’s weddings, because when they hire me I am usually a stranger and I really try to t do my best to make friends with everyone. I felt very accepted and liked by everyone and I really do appreciate it.

Its 3am, but i wanted to get some of these fun images up as soon as possible. I really hope you like them!
Beautiful!This picture of this girl during the ceremony is a great example of how high ISO noise sometimes really doesnt matter. It was shot at 3200 and in this case, the noise gives it a really nice grainy look. I know many photographers who will add noise in post production to achieve this type of look.This dude was going to town on the dance floor…HE WAS OFF THE HOOK!!!These are just a very select few of the 1500+ images from the day. From what i have seen, I am very happy and excited for Cameron and Ky’s album. I will be posting the rest of the pictures on my viewing website shortly for everyone to see. Again thank you so much to everyone for making Cameron and Ky’s day so awesome. Another big thank you to Melissa, one of my photography mentorship students who shot with me today. She was a tremendous help. We thought it would be fun to take a picture together.

I am like…a lion…..or something…..is my head really that big? I mean…I have to put all this information somewhere, but look at the size of that thing!

If cannibals captured me (which would be impossible in the first place…we might as well start talking about building time machines or the like) and they decided to shrink my head down, it would be the size of a normal person’s head…so …..they wouldnt even try it.