I am in the last phases of planning for the Photoshop DVD Crash Course. I think I have the bulk of the lessons worked out, and it is going to be a phenomenal DVD if you are a beginning photoshop user. I will be posting a lesson on LAYERS next week, just as a teaser. I know that they can be really confusing.

Despite having a very good outline, its been a while since I have been a beginner with photoshop and I wanted to open it up here and ask if you guys have any specific hang ups with PS? Any comments left in the box below will be taken into consideration to include in the video. 🙂As I am sure you have already noted, there is a Photoshop DVD marked “PS” in the banner row. If you are interested in making a pre-order and saving 30% off, you can do so by clicking on that, or this link here:

Photoshop Crash Course by Michael Andrew