Went to the BYU vs UCLA game yesterday. It was pretty crazy, UCLA looked like a Pop Warner team and their whole team was making mistakes left and right, I felt embarrassed for them. I think they have an awesome coaching staff, but if the players are executing like they were yesterday, there is no amount of coaching that will help and they are going to have a very long, sad season. BYU was up 42-0 at half time and pulled Max Hall in the beginning of the 3rd quarter. It could have easily been 85-0. All of these pictures were taken with my little Point and Shoot, so the quality isnt the best. One cool thing I found out was that all former players get to eat free at the Varsity Club Tent before the game. It was actually pretty good food and I even bumped into a few of my old friends including Chad and Todd Lewis. Bronco (BYU head coach) also has a policy to allow former players to come down on the field before kickoff and mingle. This one picture was actually from the Northern Iowa game, but you get the idea.Overall it was a beautiful day and great time!