I wanted to throw this out there because it is something I do all the time and think you guys can benefit from it if you aren’t aware.

Im working on a very cool set up with my 7D to shoot video, but to do it I needed a bunch of cables, which means I had to order them instead of buying them retail. I understand there are some emergencies, but avoid buying cables in retail if you are spending more than $10, its a complete rip off. If you walk into any Best Buy or electronic store, most fire wire cables will be at least $30, HDMI Cables $70. If you need 2 or 3…well you can see where I am going with this.

The best place to get cables and adapters is Ebay. I just bought 2 HDMI cables for $6 each, and while I don’t have them in my hands right away, I would rather save the $130.

Just a little tip- Its something I do all the time so I thought I would share. If it will save you $20-$70 you will thank me later. 🙂