Just received a phone call from a collection agency saying I owed Gold’s Gym several Months of Membership fees which I cancelled before I left Arizona. (I also hadn’t received any other contact from them). The thing that makes this so crazy is that my original contract with them was for 2 years which I paid in full at the time of the initial membership. When that contract ended, I paid cash on a month to month basis until I knew I was leaving, at which time I notified them, I haven’t been there for several months now.

The gentleman I spoke with who was representing Golds told me that I did not go through the official “paperwork process” and that I would have to pay the fees. I asked if he could confirm when the last time I walked into a Golds Gym was and he said: “Yes, I can, but there is a difference between using our services and having a membership with us. We don’t care if you use the gym, you owe us money.” Classic example of how NOT to treat your customers. I doubt he understands the idiocy of his comment.

I laughed at him, and then told him I would be happy to pay his silly little fees and in return would make a post here (which marks very high for search engines- Type in “Gold’s Gym Scam” to google in a few days) about how Gold’s likes to treat their customers. He answered “Go ahead, you wont be the first.” Wow…he was right apparently there are what seem like hundreds of similar posts about Gold’s scamming their own customers. How in the world do they expect to get return business? Looks like canceling a membership with them is just about impossible. Once you are in, you are really IN. Another thing I noticed is that they were starting to charge “up keep” fees twice a year. This is curious…if membership fees are not going towards “up keep” what are they going towards?

If you are considering joining a Gold’s Gym, absolutely positively think twice. I would recommend against it. There are enough alternatives out there to avoid dealing with them, I know I wont use them anymore.