As of today, we have opened a new section on the forum, specifically for those interested in Photography for Business Purposes. There is a subscription of $25 monthly or $75 yearly, but for a limited time it will be just $50 a year !

I am adding this to the forums for many reasons, one in particular is that the information shared is extremely valuable. While the beginners section of the forum will remain open to all beginners learning about Photography, this section will discuss anything and everything having to do with the business side of photography:

– Marketing
– Advertising
– Tradeshow Preparation
– Album Designing, Types, Vendors, and Pricing
– Print Information
– Customer Service
– Contracts
– Web Design
– Branding

While it is geared mainly towards those who either ARE or WANT to become professional photographers, anyone can sign up. This section of the board as designed upon request of the forum users and I believe that it is fair to me and everyone else. It will also help prevent Lurkers and even Customers from learning insider information.

Advanced Features include:

– Advanced Profiles (Much Like Myspace and Facebook)
– Shout Box (This is like a chat room)
– Locked Business Photographer Boards
– Advanced Permissions within all boards after certain number of contributions.

To sign up, register/login under your forum name. Then click on Profile, and then Paid Subscriptions:When you login to the forum, you will have all the boards and options unlocked to you, it will be as if there is no difference. Guest Members will only see the basic boards.