“Buried” has been out for a while, but I hadn’t yet seen it. It was an intriguing premise from a movie making perspective- 100% of the movie takes place within a “coffin” buried somewhere in Iraq. If you have seen Kill Bill, think of a movie that takes that one scene with Uma Thurman buried and it being turned into a full length movie. Surprisingly, I thought that the Director, Rodrigo Cortés did a wonderful job. Ryan Reynolds, who plays the “hostage” also did a great job. It is tense and suspenseful. However there is one major problem I have with the movie…. There are no significant redeeming qualities. It is hard for me to recommend a movie that I come away from in doubt about what I learned, or a movie that is mostly about someone suffering alone in darkness. I will be honest with you, I couldn’t help but to think about Evan Monsigrace in Haiti (who survived 27 days of this very type scenario – for REAL- …without a cell phone or any kind of light).

My advice to friends….skip it altogether.