Chronos high speed camera was conceived and executed single handedly by electronics engineer David Kronstein. The goal was to make a professional high-speed camera effective, and more importantly, affordable. This camera starts out at about $2,500 which is incredibly reasonable in the high-speed camera world. Just to rent a high-speed camera can cost the same. These cameras are otherwise unaffordable to those except experienced working professionals. They smashed their Kickstarter goal in 24 hours.

A few prototypes have gone out and Ben Krasnow of Applied Science had the opportunity to test one. He used a rig he made himself to replicate ‘The Matrix’ (bullet time) effect to create some really cool footage. In the video he’ll talk about all of the features and what he went through to achieve the final effects shown. It’s a great review and it’ll probably make you want to get your hands on this camera ASAP!

I’m sure many of you are interested in ALL of the specs and details of this camera. You can learn everything you want to know HERE and HERE.