I was going over some pictures I took during breakfast the other day with Warrens Family. They have a HUGE window in their kitchen and the light there is really amazing. I was looking at his children’s faces and was thinking, man…I should get some shots.

I need to do this more, it happens often- Ill be going about my business and notice “hey, there is some great light….”. It doesn’t always have to be a “big planned event” where you spend a few hours shooting. I took all of these shots in a few seconds and while they aren’t perfect, they feel more real to me because this is how life really is, kids are in a hurry to eat before school and off they go. They do it everyday, but how many times will they have an opportunity to actually get some pictures of it? I hate to say it, but the next time I see them they will grow so much they will look completely different. Bums me out every time. I really liked this last one. It was her first day of pre-school and we tried to get her earlier and she wasnt completely co-operative, but for some reason right before she got into the car she stopped and smiled. I thought it was precious.

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