The main reason for this photographic bi-partisan mischievousness is it drives me crazy when I have a friend who owns a Nikon, they ask me for help and all I can say is: “Im sorry I dont know Nikons”. I want to help beginners learn photography and this is much more important to me than helping them learn one type of camera system. I also think its important for my own professional growth to know and to be able to use either system equally well. If I truly want to be a photography maven, this is just a necessary thing. Both Nikon and Canon make great cameras, and I have always believed this.

A second reason is to get a first hand knowledge of what the truth really is. 99.9% off all photographers you talk to swear by either one or the other, but they only own one or the other. How can anyone really give a credible point of view unless they have owned and used both? Hence, I am doing this to become a little more authoritative on something I really, really love; photography and sharing the things I learn with you. I feel I really have to taste both to be able to compare, and until I do….I dont really have a position to say one way or the other.

As long as Canon is making the amazing lenses and camera bodies they are, I will always be buying their products, this includes the new Rebel T1s and the 50D replacement when it comes out. I have wayyyyy too many Canon lenses to jump ship anytime soon, and I am completely happy with them.

If Nikon releases something superior, which many Nikonians claim they have, I want to see first hand, decide for myself and then I will be able to inform you what I have learned.

I hear about these “experts” who say they have tested something and seem to be an authority on the topic, but it always turns out it was for a day or two, not a long term commitment to actually learn the camera. I specifically remember this happening with the Canon 5DII, which “experts” claimed had many issues. After owning one since it’s release, I can honestly say it is THE very best camera I have ever used or owned, and this covers quite a few models. All those “focusing” issues with the video? Well…none of these experts looked into the fact that there are 3 automatic focusing modes, YES, even in video…you just have to know how to operate the Live View Focusing (which they didnt). Knowing things like this can only come from actually owning and using the camera, not playing with it for a day or two. That black dot issue? It was solved in one update. Its interesting how we dont hear about all the 5DII flaws now that it is out. It is an absolutely amazing camera.

I am certain I will find many things about Nikon’s which will be superior to Canons, and when I do I will make note of it, but I am also certain I will find many things that Canon does better. I already believe that both systems are great. If I didnt use Canon for whatever reason, I would definitely be a Nikon user.

A few quick notes if I were to compare the D60 with the Rebel XSi:

– I love that the Nikon’s exposure compensation is +/- 5 EV vs Canon’s +/-2EV, this is pretty sweet
– I think the body is more solid than the XSI

On a quick glance though, I can’t help to notice a few issues with the D60:

– Seems everytime I change the battery on the D60 I have to re-enter the date and time…am I missing something?
– Just 3 focusing squares? (huh ?!?!)
– No Live View? (?!?!)

Not Sure what to think:

– Im not used to the “scattered” type layout of the buttons (Canon’s are more clustered, which I like). This really isnt a fair point though, as I am sure its just because I am used to Canon’s.