Friday night I caught the late showing of the Bourne Ultimatum. While this movie is better than most so called action movies playing these days, I wasnt as crazy about it as I was hoping I would be. The scene (spoiler) of Bourne jumping through the window was truly impressive. At parts the tension was great, I like Matt Damon as an actor….he is very likeable.

There are some reasons I didnt like this movie:

-The cinematography is nausiating. Bring Dramamine- you will need it. Maybe its just me, but if you notice yourself feeling sick more than you are interested in whats happening, ask yourself what was the director thinking? I know they were trying to be cute with the camera work….it was a bad idea….occasionally I can live with…for the whole movie?

-The dialogue made me shudder, this is how you can write the script for a Bourne Identity movie

– Person 1 – “You still dont remember do you?”
– JB- No (has a flashback)
(insert fight scene here)
-Person 2- “you still dont remember do you?”
-JB- no (has another flashback)
(insert car chase here)
– Person 3 (a brunnette) You dont remember anything at all do you?
-JB- No
-Person 3- Nothing? Nothing at all?
-JB- No
(JB beats someone up with a pen, book, paper clip, etc) Has more flashbacks,
-JB is almost killed by someone who otherwise would be absolutely no match for him in any other part of the movie but the end.

If you havent seen it and plan on doing so….please count how many times there is a reference to him having lost his memory and post it here. (Can be a quote or a flashback) I could be wrong, but for me….it just got old halfway into the second one.