Looking for something to read on my way back from Utah, I picked this up at the airport. I had heard so much about it, but never got around to reading it, and I must say it is very, very good. (BTW- I do occasionally start to read “bad” books, but if I get bored with them, I usually stop and never write a review about them.)

I liked this book because it teaches you not only how millionaires think, but also how to think like them. Wealth it seems comes more from a process of thinking than anything else. I appreciated the chapter on the willingness to promote your goods and services….even if you have the most amazing product in the world, it means nothing unless you know how to market it.

This is probably one of my all time favorite personal finance help books, second only to Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Richard Kiyosaki. (Which was what convinced me to start my very own little business, at the time a pool cleaning business, which through a long road led to wedding videos and now wedding photography.) I am very grateful for the insight of these two authors and if you are tired of working 9-5 for someone else, I would highly recommend them.