It was really, really good! It’s one of those movies that makes you want to do research after to find out how much of it was accurate. There were so many things about it that really got me thinking. I remember hearing Queen’s music as a child, but I just wasn’t into it/couldnt understand it. When I was about 24 or 25 I discovered them and was just blown away by how talented and prolific they were. Absolute geniuses!

The movie felt like a fast paced summary of their story, with a powerful look at Freddie Mercury, in addition to having one of the widest vocal ranges of all time, extremely talented, he also seemed to be a very tormented and lonely soul, but as always with movies, can’t always be sure about how much of it was accurate. One thing I did appreciate was the film’s ability to portray what is meaningful in life, vs what is illusionary and destructive (not just drugs and bad people, but things like ego and what traction is). I won’t ruin it, but there are many important life themes in this film. Rami Malek was outstanding. He will win an Oscar for this. Not should, not could, WILL. Mark my words

It was a very powerful movie and I recommend it!