Yesterday, Ash and I decided to try the Blue Water Rafting adventure. I am always amazed at how much there more there is to see and do on Maui, even after my family has lived here for so long. I really do need to get out and enjoy it more instead of staying locked up in my editing room. 🙂

The Blue Water Rafting company takes their customers out on these HUGE zodiac like boats- They are very fast and maneuverable. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take as many pictures as I wanted because of spray and water coming over the side, but I did have my dry bag with me and I just threw my 7D + Tamron 18-270 combo in there whenever things got crazy. This was the sister boat that started the day with us:They took us to several places I had never been, we checked out the rock formations in south Maui, which were formed by the latest volcanic eruption here over 200 years ago. The textures and patterns were really interesting. I dont remember what the name of this type of rock is, but our guide says it is just below diamond on the harness scale and takes about 50 years to cool off. Ash said her favorite part of the trip was snorkeling off the backside of Molokini (the vent crater just west of Makena). The water was the clearest I have ever seen and there were plenty of fish. I had heard good things about scuba diving back here, and it is something I will definitely need to check out once I get some underwater hosings. It was one of the top snorkeling spots I have ever been to. We also got to see a pod of spinner dolphins just off La Puruse bay. They arent always around, but when they are, and if you are a good enough swimmer, you can swim out (apparently kayaking is illegal here now) and check them out. If you look carefully, you can see 3 snorkelers checking them out. Our guide also said whatever you see on the surface is about 1/10th of what is below the surface. Spinner dolphins are smaller than bottlenose dolphins. And yes, they would occasionally jump out of the water and spin around. Extremely cool. Another spot I would like to check out again with the right gear. Our guide said there are a few babies out here now, about the size of a football with fins. Would love to see one!

It was a great day!