This is a pretty exciting thing for me. I was contacted by BH Photo last week asking me if I would be interested in becoming an affiliate. Ive had no experience with this, nor did I know what it entailed, but the idea is that is I run a few banners on my blog and new updated version of my school, I would earn a small percentage of all revenue generated by sales which came from my sites. That money will be used to further develop the school and blog and make it better for everyone.

So if you know you are going to buy something from BH, please start from my site by clicking on one of these banners, and completing the sale within 60 hours. If you go straight to BH, not only will it cost exactly the same, it would be a missed opportunity to help me cover some of my expenses in hosting what’s about to become one of the biggest and best free photography schools in the world. 😉

I thank you in advance for your support!