This is the first of a series of videos discussing the best beginner microphone, under $50 for 2020. There is a long history to it, and this microphone was the winner of blind sound test. I hadn’t heard of the company and did a lot of research to bring it to the spotlight. This video is a basic introduction to the Maven Mini Microphone, and some of the reasons I no longer recommend the Rode Video Pro, I will have some follow up videos discussing the challenges of recording in camera, preamps, workflow and other topics, so I know many of you will want side by side tests, those have been recorded and are coming soon. Thank you!

Here is the limited offer on the Maven Mini Mic:

Look for the coupon box when checking out on Amazon, it will save you 60% for a limited time only!

My new MAVEN Mini Microphone kit for beginning videographers

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MAVEN Filters, Travel Tripod

Michael’s Maven Straps

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