So as you know I have been doing a lot of traveling lately and have been trying out every single different hotel I could find along the way. I have always been interested in how they are different as well as how national chains maintain consistency from hotel to hotel.

(BTW- You should have seen the DUMP I crashed in two nights ago….it was very, very old, yet oddly very clean and extremely well maintained….still kinda scary- I would have taken some pictures if I wasnt so darn tired. Just goes to show you will crash just about anywhere if you are tired enough).

One hotel I was a little disappointed with was the Holiday Inn Express in Dallas. For all the clever commercials they have, it wasnt much different than a stay at a Hampton Inn or Comfort Inn, yet the charge almost twice the amount.

I am interested, what is the best nationwide hotel value, meaning for what you pay, what is the best experience in your opinion? I really liked Hampton Inn, they seemed to be the most consistent to me.

You can add entries if you like, just please make sure its a nation wide hotel.