When I am in Birmingham I like to stay with a really awesome family (many whose children who have appeared on my training videos). The Dad of the Family, is a the epitome of organization and “a place for everything”. I mean, the guy needs to make a training video on how he implements his idea’s- its that incredible. He is also a handy man.

When I got in yesterday, he showed me his new family picture frame. He has 8 kids and something like 15 grandkids, but he wanted an effective way to showcase each of his children’s new families and this was his solution: An integrated 8 piece digital picture frame/collage. He took 8 different digital picture frames and embedded them into one big wooden frame!Each of his kids has their own frame for their family, and when there is a new child added, they replace the name plate. There is also a master power switch on the top to turn it off when not in use. each of them are able to add and update family pictures through a USB drive which plugs into the side. How cool is that!!

To get the full effect you have to see it in person, but it is really quite incredible.

While I do not think it was his intention to make these for other people, I am sure if you leave a comment here he could put something together for you. Rough estimates would be $1000 for a 4 frame set to $2000 for the one you see here.